Making unique travel arrangements for the most important art institutions in the world

Who We are

We specialise in exclusive, tailor-made travel programs for arts and culture-oriented groups and institutions. Our tours are designed to explore anything from Contemporary Art to Archaeology, Architecture to Photography and everything else in between: fashion, gardens, music, library collections and more. We also regularly provide itineraries that include one or more art fairs, special exhibitions and/or vernissages.

We work closely with artists, collectors, curators, lecturers, historical home managers, conservationists and writers to make sure that we can provide patrons with unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experiences. These experiences might include after-hours visits, curator-led tours, artist’s studios, private collections and gardens, always to ensure that our groups are received in the most personal and special way possible.

What We've Done

Over the last 10 years we have worked all over the world. 

As an example of our range, in the 12 months before the pandemic, we planned and operated  trips to India, Bangladesh, South Africa, England, Morocco, Italy, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal,  Sweden, Mexico, Russia, the US, Japan and Australia; to name a few. 

We work on large complex tours with 50 plus participants, as well as smaller patron and private  groups of a dozen participants. We are flexible, and can adapt to specific tour needs.

Who We Work With

Our clients currently include large institutions like the Tate, MoMA, MCA Chicago, SFMOMA,  Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, The Art Institute Chicago, The Royal Academy of Arts, The Whitney, The Corning Museum  of Glass, The Guggenheim, MOCAD, MAD New York, as well as several smaller international  and national organisations and several private groups. 

Contact us and we would love to send you a more complete list, answer any questions you may  have as well as put you in touch with existing clients. 

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Why Us?



Our office is fully operational from 9AM until 7PM UK time every day (we can also extend our office hours during the run-up to a trip). Emails are read and responded beyond those times of course. We pride ourselves on our superb responsiveness with participants as well as colleagues.



We accept payments through all major credit cards (VISA, AMEX and Mastercard) as well as bank transfers and cheques. We can price trips in all major currencies, and we have facilities to handle those currencies in house.



Arts & Travel is a travel company registered in the UK and, as such, is subject to strict package travel regulations. We are fully registered and insured with a 5-Million GBP Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance, details of which can be provided upon request. We also hold failure insurance, as well as Tour Operator insurance, which is in line with current European regulations, currently the tightest regulations on travel available worldwide.

The Environment

Arts & Travel takes its environmental responsibility seriously. Travel is one of the big  polluters and we have been working tirelessly to make it more efficient and less polluting. 

We now operate a carbon-neutral office. Within it, we started by implementing modern technology  to reduce our consumption (led lighting, efficient heating) and we source all our reduced energy  needs only from renewable sources. 

Our internal travel is efficient. All our staff travel is offset with a preference for more  environmentally sound modes of transport when available (for example train over plane), our  vehicles are electric and we live and work within a short distance of major transport hubs. 

We work hard to support corporate responsibility locally and nationally. Part of our profits go to  the maintenance and expansion of our company apiary, and we give a part of our profits to a sister not-for-profit company (Nature HQ) whose main objective is to support environmental projects both  locally and nationally.  

For all our trips we offer (and encourage) the option to reduce or even completely offset the  carbon footprint of your trip.

The Environment

Each tour is provided with a personalised trip website.